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Real Estate

Attorney William C. Hood has established his real estate legal credentials since the beginning of his 30-year career. He offers a complete range of services in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Transactions

  • Commercial Closings
  • Residential Closings
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Mortgages
  • Owner Financing
  • Title Insurance

No modern real estate transaction is a simple matter. It is more important than ever to partner with experienced legal representation for best results.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Local Real Estate Attorney in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Supreme Court defines all real estate transactions as legal transactions (Doe v. McMaster. 355 S.C. 773, 585 S.E. 2d 773 (2003). Pursuant to this definition, every real estate transaction in South Carolina must be administrated through an attorney licensed in the state. However, compliance is not the only reason to hire a real estate attorney.

The modern world of real estate requires proper legal advisement. The FBI has warned against the dangers of taking on the market alone, pointing to mortgage fraud as a particularly dangerous and pervasive occurrence in recent years.

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Mortgage Fraud Report is a valuable resource that describes the unscrupulous actions of many real estate professionals. These lenders, brokers and other established professionals can use their emphasis in real estate against the unwary victim. The right real estate attorney can properly represent and protect your interests in a complex world.

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