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A Legal FAQ for Anderson, South Carolina, and the Surrounding Areas

Since 1978, William C. Hood, attorney at law, has served Anderson, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas with vetted, experienced legal counsel. In his more than 30 years of service, there are some questions that tend to come up regardless of the issue at hand. We would love to shorten your path to resolution by answering a few of the most important questions here.

Do I need to hire an attorney even if I am getting medical treatment and weekly benefits?

An attorney is still beneficial under these circumstances. Keep in mind that you may be eligible for more compensation and insurance companies may try to minimize expenses at the cost of your health.

How long is the average divorce process in South Carolina?

After the initial petition, South Carolina requires a waiting period of six months. After this time, the divorce may be finalized.

Can a marriage be annulled?

Yes. Grounds for annulment include physical incapacity, fraud, underage, incest, unsound mind, force or bigamy.

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